Distinguished & Modern

This home embodies the very essence of cutting edge technology and contemporary design with custom features never before seen in a San Diego home. An infinity-edged pool with an equivalent weight of 20 mid-sized cars lines the rooftop, while a hydraulic driveway adjusts its angle allowing any sports car to enter the garage complete with powered turntable to optimize car position.

6653 Neptune Place, La Jolla, CA 92037

  • 6653 NEPTUNE PLACE Pool
    Infiniti-Edge Rooftop Pool, 8-Person Jacuzzi & BBQ Area
    Black Quartz Countertops, Amazon Limestone Tile Flooring, Iridescent Black Pewter Glass Tiles Paired with Optic Fiber Lights
  • marine lair patio
    Master Bedroom
    Koa Wood wraps 6 panels of closet doors
  • Master Bathroom
    The master bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a nanotechnology dimming glass which can allow full view of the ocean or complete privacy with the touch of a button. The shower is framed by the column amazon limestone from the exterior except for an eight piece carved limestone panel set with a wave pattern. The cabinets are floating planes of Koa slightly supported by backlit fused glass forms, which not only underline the base cabinet, but the medicine cabinet and upper soffit as well.
  • Retracting Window Walls
    Large sea-facing windows in the master bedroom and living room retract and completely pocket away in the walls transforming the interior to an outdoor space open to the salty ocean breeze.
  • Hydraulic Driveway & Turntable Garage
    A steep driveway with ramp walls clad in heavy split face blue-black granite leads to this state-of-the-art three car garage, which is engineered to accommodate the lowest of sports cars as the hydraulic ramp inclines upward to flatten the entry ramp allowing the car to miss the normal hump of the driveway/ sidewalk connection without bottoming out. The ramp then lowers the car to an almost horizontal position at the entrance of the garage to allow a smooth disembarkation. The interior of the garage features a circular turntable guided by positioning lasers to spin and reposition the cars once inside. The garage door made of bead blasted titanium, glass panels and Koa wood is retracted by high-tech sequencing smart house technology.
  • Dedicated Chilled Wine Room
    The wine cellar features walls which are divided between single bottle acrylic backlit storage. The back wall, which is characterized by edge-lit acrylic shelves with grooves for edge supporting display wine, creates a “floating” effect, framed by large split face blue-black granite faces quarried from a local San Marcos quarry. A beautiful Koa cabinet underlines the room for large case storage. The room is maintained at 54 degrees F to maintain optimal life for the wine.
  • Cantilevered Staircase
    Descending from the master bedroom and composed of floating stainless steel struts, the staircase cantilevers from the curved entry wall with softly lit edge treads, which spiral up to the second landing. This view of the skylight above is from the staircase. The skylight will allow light from the rooftop pool to reflect onto this glass staircase creating a dancing light effect.
  • Steam Room
    Located in the lower garage level is a large beach bathroom complete with steam shower. A dark hand textured Makrame stone from Italy clads the floor and ceiling of the shower framing a large and very rare LED backlit Brazilian vintage granite from Minas Gerais, which has large occlusions of clear quartz and carnelian patches of mica and tourmaline all located in the cave of the steam shower.
  • Front Door
    This oversized pivoting figured Koa entry door, weighing approximately 600 pounds, is lined with mounted dimming LED lights that illuminate the scintillating material of optic acrylic shapes to create small squares of pure light.
  • 6653 Neptune Pl swimming pool
    Entry Pond
    Black pewter glass tile twinkles in a lit reflecting pool underlining the pedestal path of coarse adzed limestone leading to the front door.

Sid Muldrow

BRE# 01963227
(858) 699-7627


Erika Borunda

BRE# 01786078
(619) 888-6255