Palettes of Elegance

Inspired by the sea on which this home resides, rare and beautiful materials are featured throughout to create a new age, maritime feel. Various marble, stone, and granite from around the world meet in the interior and exterior spaces creating the uniquely organic elegance this La Jolla home provides.

  • Koa Wood
    Indigenous to Hawaii, this wood was derived from a Silver Koa tree that was blown over during a storm on the island of Maui. As the Koa population has suffered from grazing and logging, it is prohibited to export this wood. However, since it was uprooted by a natural cause, the wood was allowed to be registered with the government and exported to use for this home. The Koa is dispersed throughout the house in pieces of furniture and fixtures. The light Koa is used on a coffee table in the living room and as the wood of the kitchen cabinets. The front door of the house is made of solid dark Koa as well as the master bedroom closets. The dark Koa is also used in panels on the garage door, large cabinet in the wine room, and the master bed.
  • Amazon Limestone
    This deep sea fossilized limestone is hand stout chisel chased to create a bold and dramatic texture on the three full height columns. The limestone of coarse adze finish for durability and effective non-skid texture will cap the walls and columns, and act as the stepping stone to the entry pedestal path.
  • Cafe Forest Marble
    Cafe Forest is quarried from a bedrock quarry near the village of Vidhasar in the district of Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. This particular marble is very strong compared to others in the industry and usually requires granite machinery to cut and polish the stone. Characteristics in veining and movement will tend to vary between shipments depending on the portion of the quarry from which the stone was extracted. Due to this stone’s qualities, the slabs are book-matched, in which slab one and slab two will be cut and polished to create a mirror image of each other. These are then kept in sequence, which allows for a consistent flow in pattern.
  • Meteorus
    This granite has pools of silvered mica schist with deep large cherries of dark garnets and black intrusions. The granite is mined in Brazil in the area of Minas Gerais, a region famous for its pockets of emeralds, gold and diamonds.
  • Cohiba Stone
    Coming from the Amazon, this exotic brushed stone is featured in the steam room. It also underlines the tile walls, clads the benches, and serves as the thresholds and stair steps leading to the main floor. It appears in the master bathroom as a shower bench and dividing wall.
  • Makrame Natte
    This refined Italian stone is featured as the downstairs flooring and the stone encasing the steam shower.
  • Venetian Plaster
    Handmade with ground limestone and burnished, this plaster creates a cave-like feel as it wraps the curved exterior walls leading to the door and into the interior stairwell.
  • Wave in Blasted Acrylic
    This acrylic with a swooping wave pattern is used throughout the house, capturing light in all pieces in which it is installed.
  • Pewter Glass Tiles
    These small black glass tiles with striking iridescence serve as the pool’s floor and complement the black features of the surrounding Arctic White stone. The tiles are pierced by optic fiber lights for nightly star reflections.
  • Etimoe Wood
    Originating from the moist evergreen forests of West Africa, this beautiful wood lines the ceiling and interior doors.
  • Blue Black Granite
    This split-face granite was found locally at a San Marcos quarry. It is a foundation stone that is used on the level below ground cladding the walls and lining the wine room.
  • Palette Two
    This palette includes: Wave in Bead Blasted Acrylic (located in the wine room) Optic Acrylic (scintillating material of optic acrylic directs light through small squares of pure light. Installed in front door panels) Etimoe Wood (lines interior ceilings and interior doors) ...Displayed on dark Koa.
  • Palette One
    This palette of materials includes: Arctic White Stone (the facade of the rooftop pool and barbecue) Pewter Glass Tiles (lining the pool and spa) Amazon Limestone (used in all columns in the house) Blue Black Granite (lining the wine room and outdoor walls of lower level) Bead Blasted Titanium (high quality titanium will be the casing of the exterior floor, garage door and horizontal floor fascias) Ventian Plaster (wraps the curved exterior walls) ...Displayed on light Koa.

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